How To Get Cheap Flights: Tips To Achieve It

How To Get Cheap Flights: Tips To Achieve It

The long-awaited vacations arrive and the moment to decide the next destination. Does traveling seem very expensive? Do not be discouraged, everything is possible if you become an expert in how to get cheap flights to anywhere in the world.

The main thing is to understand that getting better prices requires a lot of time to perform each search and make comparisons between schedules, dates, airlines and discounts offered by each company, among others. Delve into these tips and do not deprive yourself of knowing the destination that you want so much.

How To Find Cheap Flights

The reality is that getting flights at a lower price takes a lot of learning. But don’t worry because with a few simple tips, everything can become simpler.

Be A Flexible Traveler.

Sometimes we are too strict with our pretensions when it comes to traveling. That’s not bad, but being a little more flexible can give you more benefits and options to choose from.

From choosing a less visited time of the year or having the flights take place in the early morning, everything is going to make the prices really lower. If what you want is to travel, no matter where, even better: there are many offers for those destinations that are not so chosen and, without a doubt, can amaze you.

I chose to travel in low seasons.

The first step is to think about vacationing out of peak season. What does this mean? It simply means avoiding going to certain places in the months of the year when most have vacations. If you don’t, it will be like diving into an impossible mission.


If you choose to visit the European summer, the most likely is that the plane tickets will be between 30 and 40% more than at other times of the year. When deciding to visit the old continent in May, June or October and November, you will ensure not only cheaper tickets, but also fewer lines to enter the main attractions, better prices on accommodation and a much more pleasant climate to explore.

In the case of beaches like Puerto Rico, Bahamas or Riviera Maya, it is also better to do it from April to June and between June and November.

If your desire is to know Disney and enjoy all its attractions without problems, then it is advisable to visit the parks in January, February and September. Just like it happens in Europe in Summer, walking so many hours at Disney during the summer can also be really exhausting. Choosing these dates will make the tour more enjoyable.

Get along with the scales.

Generally direct flights have a higher price than those with stopovers or in which you have to make a transfer. For this reason, choosing them can be your ideal option to travel to that place you want so much with a lower price.

Don’t be afraid of a long layover flight because there really is nothing to fear. Losing a connection is not so common and, if it happens, airlines provide compensation for their passengers.

Encourage other airports.

The most common is to choose the airports closest to our destination or our starting point, the largest or the most recognized. But, did you know that there are others that can give you better prices?

This does not mean that a large airport always has higher prices, and the opposite in case of choosing a less well-known airport. Therefore, it is advisable to not stop comparing to see if by moving a little you can save more.

Cheap flights pages

When looking for a cheap ticket, you can’t miss any offer, since when other travelers like you come up, they tend to run out quickly. So that this does not happen to you and you can have your long-awaited vacation, keep in mind some interesting points.


Did you know that airlines have their own newsletter with all current discounts, promotions and destinations at a special price? You only have to enter the website of each one of them so that the next time the news will arrive on time to your email.

Beyond the classic airlines, there are also other portals that can facilitate your search. Some such as Air Promotions, Lady Flights and Tourism City are in charge of collecting the latest discounts that come out of the airlines and share them with the public so that they can get the best prices on tickets and packages.

Some agency pages such as Almundo or Despegar, have their own offers section where they not only include tickets: you will be able to find low prices on packages, accommodation, excursions, activities, traveler assistance, car rental and even cruises. It is really worth shopping around.

Cheap flights metasearch

There are different websites and platforms to book flights online. Metasearch engines are exclusively dedicated to providing you with the tools so that buying your next tickets at the lowest possible price is possible and fast: they compare numerous offers ordered from the cheapest onwards in a matter of seconds. Through cheap flights pages such as Skyscanner and Kayak, just to name a few, you can find the best tickets for you.

These pages dedicate their work to comparing the prices of all companies and airlines so that you can quickly choose knowing the prices, number of days in the destination and other options for each of them.

These search engines also have the option to sign you up for their price alerts. This way you will know the changes in values ​​in the destinations that interest you and decide when is the ideal time to buy your ticket.

Low cost plane tickets

This not so new trend revolutionized the way of traveling the length and breadth of the planet. You can get round trips to national and international destinations at an incredible price. Of course, it is important that you take into account a series of questions.

They do not usually include luggage in the hold: this is the main business for airlines. So keep in mind to pay while you are in the purchase process (it is cheaper than at the airport), or to travel directly with the handheld. Saying goodbye to the office will help you travel light and avoid carrying extra things. It is ideal for traveling in summer, when the garments are smaller and the fabrics are lighter, or also for trips of a few days.

They do not include food on board: whether you are traveling within the country or to a more distant destination, it is important that you take this point into account. It is one thing to make a trip of minutes or a few hours, but if the destination is on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean it is different. Do not hesitate to bring your own snack since only then will you avoid opting for the optional service that involves paying for it. Fruits, sweets, and why not a sandwich.

Reduce the weight of luggage : taking into account the expense of having to dispatch a suitcase, it is best to control the weight of it. For this there are two tricks that can become your allies for the rest of your travels.

  1. a) You can choose to weigh your suitcase at home. This is important to avoid putting yourself in expenses at the time of the flight since it is usually an expensive tax. If when weighing it at home you notice that you cannot collect anything, it is best to pay for the dispatch online, saving a little compared to doing it at the airport.
  2. b) Another option is to choose the heaviest garments to wear during the flight. Choose the heaviest shoes and coat and get on the plane with you. The good thing about making this decision is that you will forget about being cold during the flight.

With all this data, it was time to use these simple tricks to optimize your search and find cheap flights online in less than 15 minutes.

Have a good flight and a good vacation.

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